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A Legacy of Faith

​Camping has been a part of the history of God's people. In Scripture, the Children of Israel camped in the desert for forty years as they learned how to follow God. His presence was with them and His desire for them was holiness. Deuteronomy 23:14 says, " The Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp to deliver you... therefore your camp must be holy." Based on this scripture, our desire is to provide a place that is set apart from the world and holy ground.

When Jesus was preparing for His ministry, He valued His time away from the crowd and went out into the wilderness for forty days to fast, reflect, and pray. (Luke 4:1-14) With this in mind, our desire is to also provide a retreat-centered atmosphere that is dedicated to God and where people can lay aside their routine cares and concerns and reconnect with Him in much the same way Jesus did.​

The Purpose of Pioneer On the Lake is to:

  • Provide a setting where people of all ages can be introduced to and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Use a natural setting and retreat atmosphere to focus on rest, renewal, and building relationships in fellowship with others

  • Advance Christ's Kingdom through serving


You can help!

We ask that you pray for Pioneer, its ministry, its land, its people, and its purpose for the future. Please share, invite, and spread the word to anyone you know that has a connection to camp. We invite you to add your friends and family to this group, so they can receive frequent updates.

You can help camp remain for future generations. Donations can be made directly to the Friends of Pioneer.